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Job Description
The customer arrived in the shop stating that he loved his Ibanez, but was having trouble with the Floyd Rose system that was fitted, He told me that he was resting his hand to heavily on the bridge whilst playing and it was making the guitar go out of tune.
He was also unhappy with the colour and asked if it was possible to spray the guitar black, fit a fixed tremelo and could i fit chrome hardware instead of the existing black hardware.

I removed the Floyd Rose system and packed existing routering with a hardwood. Then i fitted a Quilted Maple Veneer to the guitar top to hide the repaired router pockets, Then i removed the locking Trem Nut and fitted a Tusq Nut .
The finish to the guitar was a black dyed Quilted top , black body back and i left the neck natural. Then i fitted a fixed tremelo brigde and replaced all existing hardware with chrome hardware.

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"I am very pleased with the work daz did on my Guitar it solved all my problems and the Quilted top looks stunning. Daz was very helpfull and nothing was to much trouble.
I would recommend talking to daz if you are experiancing any problems, also his work is a very high standard.
Thanks again AZZ"